The Common Front for Social Justice is fighting to build a more human society based on the respect and dignity of all. We want a New Brunswick without poverty. We want a society which give each and everyone a decent living, in particular by having a minimum wage and social income on which citizens can to live on and not just exist. We believe that every citizen can develop his full potential and become fully engage in the social, economic and cultural development of New-Brunswick.  

Did you know?

Our 20th Annual General Meeting was a real success! - 6/26/2017

More than 60 people from across the province travelled to Moncton to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Common Front. We thank all the volunteers who support the actions of the Common Front for so many years. Without you, we would not have managed to advocate so passionately for a fairer New Brunswick.

Here are the AGM documents:

AGM Document, Provincial Executive Committee Report, PowerPoint on 20 Years of the Common Front, Trivthon, Trivthon Answer Sheet

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NB Common Front for Social Justice Inc.
236 St. George Street, Suite 412, Moncton, NB, E1C 1W1
Phone: (506) 855-8977
E-mail: fcjsnb@nbnet.nb.ca