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Thanks Mr. Lord, but it is not enough

Moncton, Friday, December 3 rd , 2004 . Any help given to the poor people in New Brunswick is welcome. The annual raise of about $90 offered by the government for about 4,000 welfare recepients ( according to the figures of the Telegraph Journal) is definitely insufficient for these people. The Common Front was requesting a raise of $330 dollars annually ( see attached document). What we want is that the monthly heating supplement of $70 dollars for 6 months of the year since 1994 be raised to $125 dollars for each of these months, taking into consideration for example that the price of fuel raised 225% during that time, climbing from 35 cents a litre to 79 cents this year. We were also demanding that all low income earners also benefit from this supplement , like people living on minimum wage or the senior persons receiving income supplement to live. The government's offer is far from what we visioned or what we need in New Brunswick.

All we can hope now is that the government will be more generous when he will announce the raise in the welfare basic rates as expected. Let's hope that the government of New Brunswick which brags about his raise of 25% in the heat supplement, will decide to offer a 25% raise in the basic welfare benefits, which have not raised since 1997.


For more information, please call the Co-Chairs . Mary Anne LeBlanc 648-6989 (W) or 633-9881 (H) or John Gagnon 547-6061 (W) 545-0651 (Cell.) or 545-6800 (H) , or at the Common Front Office 857-2125