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The NB Common Front for Social Justice Optimistic after meeting two provincial ministers last Friday, November 19, 2004 in Fredericton

Moncton, NB Monday, November 22, 2004. The New Brunswick Common Front for Social Justice leadership met with Jeannot Volpé, Minister of Finance and Tony Huntjens, Minister of Family and Community Services last Friday, November 19, 2004 in Fredericton. « We had a very positive meeting with both ministers », says Mary Anne LeBlanc , Social Co-Chair of the Common Front. « Both ministers were very receptive and understanding of the issues of high heating costs for the coming winter », she adds.« Our concerns will be brought at the cabinet, and we will work together with the ministers on this immediate issue of higher heating costs for the people living in poverty », also comments John Gagnon, Labour Co-Chair of the Common Front.The NB Common Front for Social Justice has recommended that the current heating allocation of $70 dollars a month for six months ( november to april) for some welfare recepients, the same amount for the last 10 years, shall be raised at $125 dollars a month. It was also recommended that some heating allocation shall be also given to other low earners in our society, like senior persons or people working on minimum wage.The need to raise also the basic rates for people receiving welfare benefits has been discussed, knowing that these rates are the same since 1997.

Both Co-Chairs are encouraged and optimistic that something will finally be done for the NB people living in poverty this year, specially after the speeches done by the Premier this weekend. The only question to be answered now, is how much will be done?


For more information, please call the Co-Chairs . Mary Anne LeBlanc 648-6989 (W) or 633-9881 (H) or John Gagnon 547-6061 (W) 545-0651 (Cell.) or 545-6800 (H) , or at the Common Front Office 857-2125