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 Social Assistance 

 We are launching a four-month publicity drive in order to further promote our campaign on the changes we wish to see on Social Assistance.

The objective of this drive is to make the public and politicians aware of the situation that citizens on social assistance are in, and to publicize our poposals to improve their situations.

We have sixteen ''Faces of poverty'', which consists of interviews with people living on social assistance, one document from which we will draw information and reveal our prpoposals to improve the situation of people living on social assistance.

Each week, we will publish one of the interviews on our Facebook page and our website along with some basic information on their situation and one of our proposals.

Information document and Our Proposals

Faces of poverty

Relevant information

Our proposals


Minimum wage 

This campaign aims at improving the situation of the low income and non-unionized workers. Presently, these workers are paid an inadequate salary and have to rely on the provincial employment standards for protection in the workplace. 

The Common Front proposes and improvement of the labour standards including an increase of the minimum wage so that it reaches $15.00 per hour.

Informative document and Proposed changes to employment standards

 Our minimum wage brings a net annual income that does not permit an individual, a single parent family or a couple with children to provide for all of their basic needs. We have analyzed the economic situation of seven different types of families. The details of our analysis can be found in this An economic reality:living on minimum wage

Close to 30 community and labour organizations have endorsed our campaign. If you are part of a group that you believe would endorse this campaign, please have them sign our Endorsement Form

SIGN OUR PETITION! We ask that you sign this check and then send it to us. We will present them to the provincial ministers throughout our campaign, using them as proof that the people support this campaign. Simply print the check and send it to us through the mail. Petition

You can also follow our campaign via our Facebook page

 Information document

Relevant information

Our proposals




Provincial Election-September 2014

The NB Common Front has launched a one-year campaign to make Poverty a key issue in the next provincial election. New release.Political Parties 2010 Platform.Our Action Plan. Questionnaire. Leaflet. Information Card.

Poverty Reduction a priority for political parties? Four of the five provincial parties answered the NB Common Front questionnaire on the proposals to reduce poverty. Some said they would include their proposals in their electoral Platform. News release(modified).Questionnaire. Summary-responses. Complete answers: Conservative Party. Liberal Party. NDP. Green Party.

Analysis of the 2010 Provincial Elections. Twenty-six ridings were won with a majority of less than 1,200 votes. You may want to know which one they were! Read the analysis. Summary.

Poverty in the election platforms
The PC Party and poverty. The Progressive Conservative Party has unveiled its electoral Platform and we are looking at it from the poverty perspective. Read the text.

The Green Party and poverty. The NB Green Party has some interesting proposals to reduce poverty. Read the text.

The People's Alliance of NB and poverty. People's Alliance of NB Electoral Platform has no proposals in it to reduce poverty. It is as if poverty which affect thousands of citizens does not exist.. Read the text.

The Liberal Party and poverty. The Liberal Party has a very good proposal on minimum wage, income tax for rich individuals and corporations but some of their other proposals will not help to reduce poverty. Read the text.

The NDP and poverty.The NDP is porposing a number of actions that if implemented would help to reduce poverty. Read the text.


Provincial Budget

Proposal for 2014-2015 Provincial Budget. The New Brunswick Common Front for Social Justice has made some concrete proposals for the upcoming Provincial Budget. 

Solidarity with the citizens left out of the budget - April 17, 2012 in Moncton: invitation | flyer | news release | dialogue

One out of seven New Brunswickers is invisible in Minister Higgs' Budget - March 28, 2012.

Open Letter to Premier David Alward - March 21, 2012.

Let's celebrate International Women's Day… And demand a piece of that pie! - NB Budget.

New Brunswick, Close to our Heart - Brief presented to Minister Blaine Higgs for consideration in the 2012-2013 Budget.

New Brunswick at a Crossroads: Progressive Income Tax, a Clear Choice - In Focus, CCPA NS.

 February 20, 2012
 News Conference on the CFSJ Income Tax proposal for upcoming budget

Auréa Cormier, Linda McCaustlin and Jean-Claude Basque

Information Sessions:
Fredericton, February 29
Bathurst, March 1

An additional quarter billion dollars could go a long way in NB - news release, February 20, 2012.

Cheque to the Minister of Finance

Mr. Higgs, how far should we tighten our belt in 2012?- news conference, Moncton, November 2011. Photos: 1, 2

Provincial Budget 2011-2012 - A plate left empty - May 25, 2011. Analysis| Flyer.

Presentation to the 2011-2012 New Brunswick Pre-Budget Consultations - January 18, 2011.

What should the priorities be in the upcoming budget? February 20, 2009

Experience Hunger Project

The Common Front is fighting against the prejudice that it's possible to survive with the social assistance rates currently in effect. We have developed the project called Experience Hunger as a way to help put a stop to myths surrounding social assistance recipients.

News Release
The Project
Participants and their biographies
Key Question - Find out!
Frequently Asked Questions
Contact Premier David Alward
Journal entries of participants
Report from the Provincial Forum workshops held September 28, 2011

New Brunswick Poverty Plan for Whom?

A missed opportunity-New Five-Year Poverty Reduciton Plan. The Economic and Social Inclusion new five-year plan has been unveiled but there are not a lot of concrete measurable actions proposed. The common Front for Social Justice considers that it was time for bold new ideas but we don't find it in the document. New release.

Fighting Poverty. Be informed! Join the conversation! Renewal of the New Brunswick Poverty Plan. The New Brunswick Common Front for Social Justice has published a document on Poverty and a series of Fact Sheets to help in the conversation. Poverty In New-Brunswick. Basic welfare rates. Food banks. Seniors. Taxation. Minimum Wage. Child Care. Drug Plan. Pay Equity. Home support workers. Disability. Wage Exemptions. Literacy. Mental Health. Professional artists. Post-Secondary Education. List of proposals to ESIC.

Poverty reduction: Two years after- Auréa Cormier, December 12, 2011.

OVERCOMING POVERTY TOGETHER: The New Brunswick Economic and Social Inclusion Plan

Overcoming Poverty Together - The New Brunswick Economic and Social Inclusion Plan. February 2010 | January 2010 (summary) | June 2010.

Our Analysis of the Provincial Poverty Plan- Complete document - updated.

Citizens in New Brunswick on Income Assistance lost 3.9% of their purchasing power in 2009. They also did not receive the 2% increase in their basis rate as in 2007 and 2008, so in reality their purchasing power went down 5.9%. How is the NB government new Poverty Reduction Strategy going to address this major loss of revenu when they have not targeted any increase in their 2010-2011 budget for people on Income Assistance?

Poverty in 2009 - The real picture, December 2009.

Working Together to Reduce Poverty in the Province of New Brunswick - Document of recommendations for New Brunswick's Poverty Reduction Plan, endorsed by 19 organizations.

Working Together to Reduce Poverty in the Province of New Brunswick,CFSJ, January 2009

Poverty and Food Security

Limited revenue? If yes, where to shop?
The Common Front for Social Justice has investigated for you. 2013 Food Cost Survey. Read the results. Report. Details for each store.

Food Banks Canada's HUNGER COUNT 2011 Confirms a Continued Increase in Food Bank Usage in New Brunswick
- news release, November 2, 2011.

Put Food in the Budget: Summer 2011 Bulletin - September 2011.

Sharp Hike in the Cost of Food - Results of a 2011 N.B. Survey - August 2011. News release | Full report. Photos: 1, 2, 3

Impact of food cost on food security in N.B. - November 2010.

Executive summary - Impact of food price increases on low-income New Brunswickers, September 2010.

Impact of food price increases on low-income New Brunswickers- September 2010.

Food banks: temporary alternatives to an inadequate social safety net - April 2010.

Income Gaps and Food Banks - brochure, April 2010.

Food crisis, root causes and solutions - Auréa Cormier, October 17, 2009.

Minimum Wage

The Need for Sustained Increases in the Minimum Wage, A Brief prepared for Members of the Minimum Wage Board - news release | brief.

Make Work Pay - Presentation to the Minimum Wage Commission, March 16, 2011.

Minimum wage in N.B. is keeping thousands of workers in poverty, Press conference following World Day of Social Justice - full text | summary.

Common Front for Social Justice applauds minimum wage hike, argues more needs to be done, NB Media Co-op, January 8, 2010.

Comparison of New Brunswick's minimum wage with the Atlantic average, January 2010.

Annual income of a person working full time at minimum wage versus the low-income cut off

Evolution of minimum wage in New Brunswick

Myths on Poverty

100 things not to do if you hate taxes

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