The Common Front for Social Justice is fighting to build a more human society based on the respect and dignity of all. We want a New Brunswick without poverty. We want a society which give each and everyone a decent living, in particular by having a minimum wage and social income on which citizens can to live on and not just exist. We believe that every citizen can develop his full potential and become fully engage in the social, economic and cultural development of New-Brunswick.  

Did you know?

Women have made gains in the last decade in New Brunswick - 4/30/2018

May 1st, International Workers’ Day, is a good time to look at the past decade and evaluate the place of women in the workforce. News release. Research document. Read More

A Plea for Justice for the Disabled - 4/28/2018

  Robert (not his real name) is a middle-aged man with nothing to distinguish him from anyone else you might meet walking along in your neighborhood.   What you don’t see when Robert goes by is that he has been disabled by serious mental and physical illness for many years and, as a result, is forced to live in deep poverty. Read More

An Economic Reality: Living on Minimum Wage- April 2018. - 4/24/2018

An Economic Reality: Living  on Minimum Wage- April 2018. The Annual Net Revenue and the Annual Budget for citizens living with a minimum wage. Document-2018. Read More

Fight for $15 + Justice. Minimum Wage Information Document. (2018) - 4/24/2018

Fight for $15 + Justice. Minimum Wage Information Document. (2018). In 2016, there were 20,400 minimum-wage workers in New Brunswick, which is equivalent to 6.6% of all workers in the province. Our proposals for change ( Salary and Employment Standards.). Document-2018. Read More

Annual General Assembly. May 26 2018 - 4/2/2018

 The Common Front Annual General Assembly will take place Saturday, May 26, 2018, from 10:00am to 4:00pm, at the Christ-Roi Golden Age Club, 305 Dominion Street, in Moncton. Because of the provincial election on September 24, 2018, the coming months will be very important for all citizens, particularly for people living in poverty. Read More

Let's Mend our Social Net!- Social Assistance - 3/20/2018

Let's Mend our Social Net! The Common Front for Social Justice wants the political parties to take actions to mend the holes in our social safety net, especially the ones in social assistance. News conference text. Information document(Modified April 16, 2018). Read More

Buuilding a more equal society- Progressive electoral platform - 2/26/2018

Building a more equal society, a progressive election platform for New Brunswick in 2018Our group of community Our organizations and unions wants the upcoming provincial elections to focus on concrete options to make our province and our society more equal for everyone. News conference text. Progressive Electoral Platform. Read More

It's time for a higher N.B. minimum wage. Commentary - 2/15/2018

It is time for New Brunswick to increase its minimum wage. And contrary to the view of opponents, there are many convincing arguments for adopting this policy change. Commentary. Read More

Minimum wage - A small step, instead of a bold one ! - 2/14/2018

A small step, instead of a bold one ! The New Brunswick Common Front for Social Justice consider that the announcement by Minister Paul LePage of a $0.25 an hour increase is a small step in the right direction but unfortunately not a bold one. New release. Read More

New Brunswick 2018-2019 Budget-Human suffering will keep going on! - 1/31/2018

2018-2019 Budget: Human suffering will keep going on!   Moncton – The New Brunswick Common Front for Social Justice has evaluated the 2018-2019 Budget and has found nothing much in it that will help the more than 36,850 men, women and children who are living on social assistance. Their economic situation will even get worse. Read More

History of the NB Common Front for Social Justice - 1/16/2018

20 years of Activism. In 2017, the NB Common Front for Social Justice celebrated 20 years of its existence. For the occasion, it produced a document highlighting its major actions. Document. Read More

Annual Overview of the Gallant Annual overview of Brian Gallant government's actions to reduce poverty in 2017. Has this government, whose wish was to do politics differently, succeeded in reducing poverty for over 100,000 citizens of this province? News release.  Executive Summary. Overview. Read More

Privatization of Health Public services-Open Letter to Benoit Bourque, Minister of Health - 12/9/2017

Open letter to Benoit Bourque, Minister of Health. The New Brunswick Common Front for Social Justice Inc. opposes categorically your government decision to transfer the management of the Extra-Mural Program and the Tele-Care to Medavie Blue Cross. We also oppose.... read the letter. Read More

December 10- United Nations Human Rights Day - 12/9/2017

New release for the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Our work will not be done until we have equality, justice and human dignity for citizens living in poverty! News release. userfiles/file/December%2010,%202017%20Final. Read More

Public release of the study made by Julie Gaudet entitled Living with a disability in extreme poverty in New Brunswick - 12/1/2017

 Here is the study by Julie Gaudet entitled ''Living with a disability in extreme poverty in New Brunswick'' : Study Read More

What we found in Statistics Canada's latest data - 9/14/2017

Here is a Press Release from the Common Front for Social Justice about the Statistics Canada's latest data on median total income of Canadiens. Read More

Our analysis on the AIMS' report in the Telegraph Journal - 8/16/2017

 Our analysis on the AIMS' report has been published in the telegraph journal. Here is the article: article Read More

Message to Premier Brian Gallant - 5 - 8/9/2017

Read More

Analysis of the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies' report - 8/3/2017

In response to the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies' report on their recommendation to abolish the minimum wage, the Common Front sent an analysis of this report to reporters to correct the shortcomings of this report. Read More

Rising Public health care costs a concern: medical society - 8/3/2017

 Here is an interesting article about health care in New Brunswick that we found in the Telegraph Journal: Article Read More

The Plasma File - 7/31/2017

Here is a PDF document explaining the problems surrounding the opening of the for-profit plasma collection clinic in Moncton. The experts are clear, the blood donation must remain voluntary. Read More

Message to Premier Brian Gallant - 3 - 7/31/2017

 As part of our campaign against the for-profit plasma clinic, these messages were sent to Prime Minister Brian Gallant: Read More

Message to Premier Brian Gallant - 4 - 7/31/2017

Read More

Message to Premier Brian Gallant - 2 - 7/13/2017

Read More

Victor Boudreau is alone - 7/5/2017

 News release - Victor Boudreau is alone : News Release Read More

Message to Premier Brian Gallant - 7/5/2017

Read More

Our 20th Annual General Meeting was a real success! - 6/26/2017

More than 60 people from across the province travelled to Moncton to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Common Front. We thank all the volunteers who support the actions of the Common Front for so many years. Without you, we would not have managed to advocate so passionately for a fairer New Brunswick. Read More

News Release - It's Incredible! I just could not believe my eyes! - 6/21/2017

Read More

The Telegraph Journal wrote an article about our letter to Brian Gallant. - 6/7/2017

 Here is the article : article Read More

Commentary by Susie Proulx-Daigle about Canadian Plasma Resources - 6/6/2017

Read More

Commentary on the For Profit Plasma Clinic in Moncton - 5/24/2017

 Commentary on the For Profit Plasma Clinic in Moncton - The human body is not for sale. Letter Read More

Privatization of hospital's services - 5/11/2017

Privatization of hospital's services The possibility of saving $7.9 million healthcare dollars per year may sound good to many at first, but what will be the long-term cost? Letter Read More

June 17, 2017 -Annual General Meeting- 20 years of Struggles for Social Justice - 4/5/2017

20 years of Struggles for Social Justice. This year, at our Annual General Meeting, the NB Common Front of Social Justice will be celebrating twenty years of hard work to bring more social justice for citizens living in poverty in our province. Invitation letter. Agenda. Registration Form. Read More

Privatization in Health Care - 2/16/2017

The Creeping privatization of Health Care in New Brunswick. New release, Executive Summary. Read More

February 20- World Day for Social Justice - 2/8/2017

 February 20- World Day for Social Justice. We are organizing a lunch with the theme: Increasing Inequalities Between  the Rich and the Poor. Read the poster for details. Read More

Open Letter to Premier Gallant - 1/25/2017

Our province faces an important decision when it comes to our national blood and plasma supply. A private, for-profit blood plasma collector is set to open a business in Moncton that will pay New Brunswickers $25 for their blood plasma donation. Letter. Read More

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