Facts on Poverty


Food Banks Report 2008-2016

Average monthly Social Assistance Caseload and Recipients 2008-2018

Average Monthly Social Assistance Caseload and Recipients - 2008 - 2017

Increasing Food Prices 2014-2016

Food Banks 2014-2015: New Brunswick and Canada

Minimum Wage in Atlantic Canada: 2001-2015

Distribution of social welfare recipients by program type and by region in - 2009-2010

Minimum wage in Atlantic Canada - 2010-2011

Fact sheet on poverty

Annual income of N.B. social welfare recipients in 2009, for four categories of beneficiaries

Some Facts

Roads out of Poverty - Power Point and presentation by Cathy Rogers, professor of Sociology, Crandall University.
Power Point. Presentation.

Minimum Wages in Atlantic Provinces - 2006-2013. Table. 

Facts about people living in poverty - 2012. 
Many unkind and untrue things are said about people living in poverty, including those on social assistance. The facts about poverty, and its great human and financial costs, are often ignored.
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Information Facts Sheets on proposals to reduce poverty- September 2013. Welfare Basic Rates. Wage Exemption. Disabled. Drug Plan. Employment,Income,Unemployment. Food Banks. Home Support WorkersPay Equity. Seniors. Taxation.

Information Facts Sheets on the situation of poverty in NB - 2012. 
50% of New Brunswickers are poorInvest New BrunswickInvesting in Social AssistanceWomen in the economy. 2008 Economic crisis and jobsPoverty in urban-rural régionsEconomic crisis on purchasing powerFood banksFiscal Justice.

 Annual income of single-parent families receiving social assistance versus the poverty line
Corporate Taxes 2007-2012

Poverty in New Brunswick. Frequently asked questions ...

Who risks to be poor?

How can poverty be measured?

Economic growth and poverty.

How to fight against poverty?

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