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Today, the CFSJ wants to particularly target the working poor, namely the thousands of men and women who, day after day, contribute to a part of the economy. Often, these workers receive inadequate pay and the provincial employment standards are the only thing protecting them in their workplace.

Fight for $15 + Justice. Minimum Wage Information Document. (2018). In 2016, there were 20,400 minimum-wage workers in New Brunswick, which is equivalent to 6.6% of all workers in the province. Our proposals for change ( Salary and Employment Standards.).Document.

An Economic Reality: Living  on Minimum Wage- April 2018. The Annual Net Revenue and the Annual Budget for citizens living with a minimum wage. Document.

Text from the press conference userfiles/file/News conference text.pdf

Our proposed changes to the Employment Standards (2015)

An Economic Reality: Living on Minimum Wage (2015)

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Why Minimum Wage must increase

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 Proposals for new Minimum Standards for workers

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