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Fight for $15 + Justice : Press conference - November 23 2015

Employmnet Insurance- News conference in front of Robert Goguen’s office, MP for Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe
Annual General Meeting- June 2013- Workshop
Cake for Auréa Cormier who is retiring from the Common Front for Social Justice-June 2013
December 10 2013 - Anniversary of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Employment Insurance- Sutdents against cuts

  Information Table at the Université de Moncton- September 2012

 Vigil to protest Blaine Higgs' last budget Moncton, April 17, 2012




 Sketch on the upcoming Provincial Budget - International Women's Day Lunch,
 Moncton, March 8, 2012  

 Participants: Left-Denise Martin, Linda McCaustlin, Marilyn Riel; Right-Danika Bellefleur,  Christine  Chiasson, Joanne Petitpas

 Degradation in mission of public assistance, 1967-2010

 Delegation of CFSJ members at the Access to Justice Forum
 Fredericton, February 24, 2012

 Joanne Petitpas and Mélanie Albert, at the CFSJ information table - Access to Justice Forum
 Fredericton, February 24, 2012

 Kathy Legere from the December 6 Committee of the Moncton and District Labour Council
 is giving a $1,200 cheque to Denise Martin of the CFSJ

 Pay inequity makes a hole in my budget


 Danika Bellefleur, Mélanie Albert from the CFSJ and Sergine Boudreau, from the Coalition for  Pay Equity asking students to sign a post card for the upcoming budget

 Émilienne Basque Receives New Brunswick Human Rights Award
 September 15, 2011

 Relationship between malnutrition and health By Auréa Cormier 

 News Conference on Minimum Wage
 Moncton, February 21, 2011


A Plate Left Empty Campaign - More than 2,000 plates were brought to the offices of fourteen members of the Legislature Assembly - May 30, 2011. Photos: 1, 2, 3

Fashion Show for Valentine's Day, fundraiser, 2011. Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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