Minimum wage

  • Increase the minimum wage by $1.00 an hour each year until it attains $15 an hour and then index it.
  • Provide a financial subsidy to community organizations that provide services to low-income citizens or to citizens in need and that are presently subsidized by the government. This financial subsidy would be equal to the minimum wage increase, including the employer’s portion, for each employee of that organization who receives the minimum wage.

Employment Standards

  • Overtime hours paid at time and a half the regular wage of the employee
  • Overtime paid after 40 hours of work per week
  • Five (5) annual paid sick leaves. These leaves would not be cumulative.
  • Vacation Pay at 6% after five years or more of full-time employment
  • Employees required to wear the employers’ uniform should not have to pay for them.

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