The New Brunswick Common Front for Social Justice encourages members and supporters to ask candidates for municipal office the following questions at the door, at debates, and public forums.

Housing justice:

-Will you ensure that future developments are required to include at least 20% of units as affordable housing units?

-Will you commit to supporting housing non-profits and co-ops in your city? How?

-Will you ensure that adequate and appropriate shelters and stop-in spaces for homeless and irregularly housed people are available in your city? How?


-Will you commit to ensuring all municipal employees are paid a living wage?

-Will you ensure that all contractors and contract partners with your municipality pay their employees a living wage?

-Will you commit to a no-lockout policy and good-faith bargaining with all unionized municipal employees?

-Will you support nonunionized municipal employees in protecting and advancing their rights, including the right to organize a union?


-Will you commit to making the proceedings of city council and committees publicly accessible, including developing a plan for the long-term storage and protection of session minutes and other relevant documents?

-Will you commit to robust rules regarding disclosure of conflicts of interest for mayors and councillors?

-Will you commit to transparent budgeting and ensuring residents can participate in the setting of priorities for municipal budgets? How?