From: Common Front for Social Justice New Brunswick, NB Coalition for Tenants’ Rights, GrassrootsNB, Regroupement féministe du Nouveau-Brunswick, Coalition for Responsible Energy Development NB (CRED-NB)

September 14th 2021 – For Immediate Release

FREDERICTON – Advocacy groups representing workers, tenants, feminists, environmentalists, and concerned citizens of New Brunswick issued an assessment of the Blaine Higgs government one year on from when it won a majority of legislative seats on September 14th 2020. Dubbed the “People’s Report Card”, advocates and engaged citizens graded the government on its record addressing issues ranging from poverty, housing, transparency, abortion access, and the climate crisis. In a resounding denunciation of the Higgs government’s policies, the report gives the government a failing grade on every issue.


“The Higgs government doesn’t work for the people of this province, plain and simple. If we had a government that works for the people these issues would be addressed – we’d have a real response to the housing crisis, we’d be tackling poverty, we’d be fighting climate change instead of being beholden to oil companies.This report card should be a wake up call: both to the government and to the people of New Brunswick.”

– Abram Lutes, Provincial Coordinator for the Common Front

Quick facts 

  • In the summer of 2020, Premier Blaine Higgs called a snap election which was held on September 14th 2020. The election replaced a minority government with a majority Progressive-Conservative government. The election was controversial for being called in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The Higgs government has faced many challenges since winning a majority, including rising rents and cost of housing, bad conditions for essential and frontline workers, dozens of expired collective agreements in the public sector, and a scandal involving the Premier’s former employer Irving Oil.
  • Contributors to the People’s Report Card represent a cross-section of New Brunswickers concerned about these issues.

Read the People’s Report Card here

Media contact

Abram Lutes

Provincial Coordinator, Common Front NB