FREDERICTON – The Common Front for Social Justice NB supports the New Brunswick Teachers Federation’s position on school closures during Red Phase coronavirus restrictions. Zone 4, which includes Edmundston and Grand Falls, abruptly went into phase red on Sunday. The Common Front says that schools should not be used as daycares during a coronavirus outbreak and the government should provide more income supports for parents and children to stay home.


“Keeping schools open during phase red restrictions is extremely short-sighted. It puts teachers and students at risk so that parents continue to go to work. Instead, the government should be providing income supports for parents to stay home with their children during phase red restrictions.”

– Abram Lutes, Provincial Coordinator for the Common Front

“This decision puts teachers at risk while offloading responsibility for handling coronavirus outbreaks on to workers. If we want to contain COVID for everyone, we need a more comprehensive response that puts workers first.”

– Gabrielle Ross-Marquette, Labour Co-Chair for the Common Front

Quick facts

  • Previously, phase red restrictions meant all schools and nonessential businesses would have to close. These measures were part of the early success of New Brunswick’s COVID-19 containment strategy.
  • Countries which have successfully contained COVID-19, such as New Zealand and South Korea, provided comprehensive universal income supports for workers during lockdowns.

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Media contact:

Abram Lutes

Provincial Coordinator, Common Front NB