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2 December 2021 – For Immediate Release

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FREDERICTON – The Common Front for Social Justice New Brunswick is reacting to the announcement that the provincial minimum wage will increase by $2/hour over the course of 2022, from $11.75/hour to $13.75/hour. While the increase in minimum wage is sorely needed, the Common Front urges the government to go further than a “one-time correction”. As an organization which works with and organizes low-wage workers and people in poverty, the Front says that the current minimum wage increase is still far behind a living wage.


“I’m glad to see that the minimum wage will increase by $2/hr in New Brunswick, but we are still $4-7/hr below what has been called the living wage in the province. We are so far behind that it won’t be enough to stem the tide of poverty.”

-Denis Boulet, Organizer for the Common Front

“We’re glad the government has started to budge on this issue, but there is still catching up to do. A $2 hourly increase, despite  what Minister Holder qualifies as “the most significant increase since 1980”, won’t change our status as a low-wage economy. We continue to support an immediate $15/hour minimum wage adjustment with annual increases to meet a living wage. We’re going to continue organizing and applying pressure for higher wages for New Brunswickers”

– Abram Lutes, Provincial Coordinator for the Common Front

Quick facts 

  • The government of New Brunswick announced that on December 2nd that  the provincial minimum wage would increase over the course of 2022 from $11.75/hr to $13.75/hr
  • In 2019, there were over 20,000 New Brunswickers earning minimum wage
  • According to the Saint John Human Development Council the living wage in every major community in New Brunswick is at least  $20/hour.
  • Based on the Market Basket Measure, there were 74,000 people in New Brunswick living in poverty in 2018. This has likely increased as a result of COVID-19.

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Media Contact 

Abram Lutes

Provincial Coordinator, Common Front NB