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Issued by: New Brunswick Common Front for Social Justice

Common Front Representative: Abram Lutes



The Common Front for Social Justice, an anti-poverty and labour advocacy group active in New Brunswick for over 20 years, is in need of a comprehensive style guide and is accepting proposals to find a qualified source to develop a style guide for us. Our goals for this style guide are to:

  • Develop a new logo
  • Have a  fresh, consistent style across visual materials (posters, graphics, pamphlets, cards, etc.
  • Present a more professional, contemporary image
  • Better communicate our messages, goals, and values in both physical and digital materials

This request for proposal’s objective is to find a graphic design firm or contractor that will provide the best overall value and results for our organization. We hope to have our style guide finished by the end of March 2022 at the latest.


The Common Front for Social Justice was established in 1997 as a coalition of labour and community groups looking to create a united organization to focus on shared concerns like labour rights, ending poverty, and pay equity. Since that time we have developed into a reputable voice to government and media on poverty-related issues in New Brunswick, as well as an effective organizer and advocate around various issues. We emphasize a person-to-person and direct action approach to advocacy and organization, but with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital communications and actions have become more important. We believe that there is a great opportunity for us to expand our reach and effectiveness by updating our graphic design and digital communications.

Project description

We would like a style guide that is comprehensive and applicable to all of our communications efforts. This should include:

  • A new logo for the Common Front
  • A suite of colours, fonts, and design templates which communicate our organization’s values and messaging
  • A suite of digital assets and templates consistent with our style that can be used for social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), email newsletter, and website

We would like to employ a graphic design firm or contractor who has worked with or is interested in working with organizations with an advocacy and social justice orientation.

Proposal submission guidelines

Your proposal should include the following:

  • Executive summary
  • Background information about your business
  • Note why we should choose your business over other vendors
  • Note relevant experience that would help you deliver our project
  • Proposed services or deliverables
  • Pricing
  • Note fixed price for the project with an itemized costing. Also, note the number of hours you expect the project to take.
  • References and the name and contact details of at least two previous clients
  • Any terms and conditions for working with you

Please submit your proposal by email  in .pdf or .docx format to

Selection criteria

The Common Front will evaluate the proposals based on the following criteria:

  • Responsiveness to the requirements outlined in this RFP
  • Relevant past experience and performance
  • Samples of your work
  • Testimonials from past clients
  • Quoted cost of the project

Common Front reserves the right to award the contract to the vendor that represents the best value to the organization, as determined by the Common Front.

RFP and project timelines

Common Front  timeline for RFP and project is as follows:

Request for proposal issuance



Deadline for proposal submission



Selection of vendor



Style guide development  begins



Project completion



Vendors may propose an earlier completion date in their proposal.