In New Brunswick, 6,908 social assistance recipients (91.39% of whom are single) were registered in the extended benefits program, meaning that they were recognized as persons with disabilities. They receive $9,528, which is the lowest amount of income in the country.

All individuals living with a disability who are on social assistance are in the category of low income as defined by the Market Basket Measure. Each of them cannot meet their basic needs in terms of food, shelter, transportation, clothing, etc. As the table below shows, a person living in Moncton does not have the income to meet the minimum cost of living.

Minimum Cost of Living for Mobility Impaired Monctonians

Basic NeedsMales 31 to 50 years oldFemales 31 to 50 years old
Housing – One-Bedroom Apartment782$782$
Housing – Lights & Heat117$117$
Household Supplies17$17$
Clothing & Personal135$135$
Total costs per month1,408$1 368$
Total cost per year16,896$16 416$
 Market Basket Measure 201517,746$17746$


Year after year, the situation of these citizens does not improve since the basic rate has not increased since 2014, and when we take into account the inflation rate, we realize once again that these beneficiaries have all experienced a considerable decrease in their purchasing power.


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